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5 tips to get the paraglider off to a good start

Paragliding sports tips

5 tips to get off to a good start and make this experience a success

By Team Decathlon-Paragliding, July 10, 2020.

Is your desire to start paragliding growing by the day? We give you our 5 tips, through the Decathlon Sport Council blog, to get the paraglider off to a good start. With these 5 tips, we are confident that your first flight will (be) a success.

Valuable testimonials to embark on the adventure

Through this article, you can discover the testimony of Aurélie and Emilie, two people passionate about outdoor sports who made their first two-seater paragliding flight and who wanted to share their experience. Both were very keen to paraglid and have the feeling of flying. Aurélie did her baptism on the Dune du Pilat and Emilie in the Chamonix Valley. They tell of their experience of their desire to fly to flight through their apprehensions and feelings. Testimonials that will reassure you for sure, if you are hesitant to embark on the adventure.

The keys to success for paragliding

Remember 5 words from this article: Motivation, Adventure, Adaptability, Proximity and Sharing. Motivation will be essential before each flight and especially during your first flights. The Adventure, like any sportsman (beginner, confirmed or expert) will love you challenges and discover new sports, it's time to discover paragliding around a baptism or an internship with our partners in France (in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, PACA, Occitanie) and Switzerland (in the canton of Vaud and Freiburg). Before you start paragliding, it is also very important to choose the right equipment for your type of practice and your needs, unsuitable equipment could reduce your pleasure of flying. We advise you to carry out your first paragliding experience near you, there are many spots all over France. Moreover, we will list many spots in different regions of France where you can fly by paraglider. Finally, Sharing is also very important in paragliding as in all sports, share this experience with other people, friends or family. And then it's well known, the more crazy you are, the more you laugh! These 5 words are to keep in mind during your first experiences and will guide you to a successful and rewarding adventure. Above all, enjoy yourself before, during and after your flight, this is the most important thing! Don't wait any longer to read [this article] (https://conseilsport.decathlon.fr/conseils/5-conseils-pour-bien-debuter-le-parapente-tp_53466), you'll see you won't be disappointed!

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