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How to discover and start paragliding?

Paragliding sports tips

How to discover and start paragliding?

By Team Decathlon-Paragliding, June 10, 2020.

Have you ever seen paragliders in the sky when you were at sea, in the mountains or near a lake and you always thought it could be great to fly? Discover now the different ways to discover paragliding and how to practice it.

Discover and take a taste of paragliding

sunset paragliding with Jean Baptiste Chandelier
© Laure Metairie

Discovering a new sport takes time. However, paragliding is a sport that can be discovered and learned little by little thanks to videos made by professionals and practitioners. So you can discover paragliding by watching videos on the different ways of paragliding. For example, we invite you to watch the many videos of Jean-Baptiste Chandelier (on Instagram: @jbchandelier on Youtube: @jbintheairintheair) that will make you dream and immerse you in this incredible universe. A little advice before you start paragliding: you must first of all want to and know what this discipline is. Then, the best thing to do is to turn to a paragliding school to perform an initiation (baptism paragliding) or training (initiation course).

Do a two-seater baptism in a paraglider

paragliding in the Mont-Blanc massif

To begin paragliding, it is necessary to train and master the basics before its first flight. Never forget that in paragliding, you are never alone under your wing. So safety is a priority, because if you have a problem, you'll be alone. The most beautiful and simple way to discover the practice of paragliding is to start with a two-seater flight. There are two options: - You want to focus on proximity and the discovery of local heritage. You will therefore perform your baptism by paragliding near you. Indeed, it is an opportunity to discover your region from a different angle. You want to discover paragliding in another region or another country. This can be during a weekend or during your vacation. On the other hand, if you want to train for paragliding, many schools are available all over the world and can bring you the expertise needed for initiation and progression. Many French schools are supervised by the French Free Flight Federation (FFVL) and receive a quality label that attests to the competence of this type of structure. Generally, people who have never been a paraglider, start with an introductory course, and then follow up with an internship towards autonomy. These two courses allow to validate the fact of flying autonomously, on known sites. Then, the training is continuous, and different, depending on the goal that each one aims for. Either way, you'll fly away with a monitor that will be securely attached to you. You will be accompanied from start to finish. He's the one who's going to take off, flying in the air, and landing. Plus, it's participatory, it needs your help, to take off and land. Don't panic, he'll explain everything!

Take flight and go on an adventure

paragliding in the Refuge of Varan in Passy

You enjoyed your baptism or your paragliding internship and you want to continue this adventure? So it's time to take control for real! Indeed, that moment when you feel you want to start. To do this, we still advise you to make at least one educational two-seater before making your first flight alone. We also advise you to visit The site of Madame Voyage and discover the experience of her first free flight training. You can discover day after day his paragliding initiation course, but also his advice to start paragliding well?

Why make a two-seater in paragliding?

carry out a two-seater tandem paragliding flight

The two-seater is a tandem flight with a monitor that allows you to understand the feeling of flying, to know your feelings and your reactions to this new experience. It also aims to reassure you before you make your first flights and to introduce you to the discipline in the broadest sense: folding the wing, use and installation of equipment, study of your flight plan, aerology, etc. The two-seater is also aimed at all types of pilots (whether beginners or experienced) who wish to explore a particular area of paragliding.

Mont Blanc landscape

Unlike the conventional two-seater flight, and if you feel like it, you will take control of the flight and fly the entire flight. The monitor will only take off, which requires special expertise, especially for a specific two-seater sail. The two-seater educational allows to progress and be autonomous very quickly at the expense of a paragliding internship. You can make a two-seater in many paragliding schools. The advantage of this type of flight is that it is fully customized and tailor-made. The instructor adapts to your needs and knowledge about paragliding. The ultimate goal is that you are ready to fly alone and that you are reassured to take full advantage of this incredible discipline.

Which paragliding materials to choose to get started?

paragliding equipment

The practice of this discipline requires careful consideration of equipment and equipment. First, you will need a wing (or sail), a harness (where you will sit to fly), a helmet, a radio and if you need a variometer (more or less advanced, it will give you flight and flight assistance information). The driver's range depends on the temperature but commonly you will also need a good pair of shoes, pants, a windproof jacket, and a pair of bezels. If you fly in front of Mont Blanc you will have to cover yourself seriously and if you fly at the Pyla dune you can fly in a swimsuit! You will find a lot of information on the internet about the different products and their technicality. However, we advise you to get closer to a school to give you the best advice according to your level or your wishes for practice.

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